Iku Izakaya

Have you ever visited a foreign country and realised something totally different from your expeditations. This is the most exciting part of travel. What kinds of things would you expect in a large Japanese city? You would possibly think of large crowds congestion and extreme politeness verging on chaos.

You will definitely find the above in Japan, but like all cultures they need time to relax and destress so they will go to there local Izakaya (inn) to meet friends, eat and relax. This is what IKU-Izakaya offers with all chefs on display the theatre of dining being a focus to the dining experience with water views and traditional Japanese design including traditional Japanese banners over the entrance.

Iku Izakaya Japanese restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Specialling in Tempura, sushi, sashimi, yakitori, banquets etc.

Supported by a extensive wine list and numerus cold Japanese beers, sake and shochu a medium strength liquor which is served with freshly squeezed grapefruit to complement a unique dining experience.

70 Lorimer Street
Yarra's Edge, Southbank 3008