Dracula's Caberet Restaurant

A wave of Burlesque entertainment is sweeping the country and there's no better way to sex up an event quite like the unique experience of Draculas.

Dracula's Cabaret in Carlton has horrified, mesmerized, wined, dined and "Thrillertained" over two million patrons. It is the current winner of the hotly contested Best Restaurant Caterer Award, as offered by the Vic Tourism Commission. Dinner with this vampyre is far from what you'd expect.

Dracula's current production, Beasts of Burlesque, is a fast paced comedy variety show - with a splash of 70's glam. It combines mad puppets, weird illusions, jet black comedy and amazing visual effects - with a rockin' Glitter Ball song list!

Ideally suited to the corporate social function, Dracula's format includes a Museum Lounge Bar, Ghost Train ride, two hour award winning show, quality dining and apre` show dancing.

Extensive audio-visual facilities, corporate drinks packages and custom designed comedy will ensure that your special occasion will be an unforgettable experience.

100 Victoria St, Carlton 3053