Beer & Wine

Where did it all start..
The first recorded details of brewing in Australia were by a Mr John Boston, a free settler who arrived in Sydney in 1794. Melbourne's first brewery was established in 1838 by Mr John Moss at the back of the Ship Inn in Flinders Street. The brew was known as "She-oaks Tops" because she-oaks grew abundantly on the crest of nearby Batman's Hill.

It was not until 1888 that the Fosters Brewing Company produced the first bottle of Foster's Lager which was an instant hit with drinkers who favoured chilled beer during the warm Australian Summer.

Today beer is still very much an important part of Australian culture & life - still enjoying beer cold, fresh, in a can, stubby or glass; at the pub, after work or with cuisines that are world class.

Facts & Stats

  • Foster's Lager was the first chilled bottled beer in Australia introduced by The Foster brothers - Ralph and William in 1888.
  • VB - Victoria Bitter is Melbourne & Australia's favourite beer, with Australians enjoying more than 400 million litres year.
  • Australians consume about 1720 million litres of beer each year.
  • Beer is rich in vitamins B6 and B12 and essential amino acids. It's produced by natural fermentation and contains all natural ingredients.

At a Glance;

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