Why people find implementing a healhty eating plan so difficult

It is an interesting problem before some people who know all the rules and benefits of healthy eating, balanced diet plans, but implementing a healthy eating plan is where they face the utmost challenge. The problem is basically of two types while implementing a healthy eating plan. People believe that healthy eating is all about a super nutritious diet, loads of food supplements. They religiously try to consume recommended dose of each nutrients and every vitamin as laid down by the medical science or government agencies. For them that ensures all the benefits of a healthy eating habit.

Without denying the role of ideal diet and quality supplements, the fact is healthy eating is not limited by costly nutritious diets and supplements. Even if you try, it is very difficult to reach the goal of all the recommended doses of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Instead what is required is a balanced diet which is not necessarily costly.

If affordability comes into question, then a simple diet plan along with certain health rules well defines a healthy eating habit. Irony is many people are over fed but undernourished. And there are much more concepts to healthy eating apart from a balanced diet which really define good and disease free health. The second type of problem is just the challenge to stick to a restrictive healthy eating.

Some people know all the rules of good health but implementing such rules and bringing discipline is very hard for them. This is really a big challenge for most. If you go by health rules, food is certainly not a toy to play with. Eating is a duty and is a responsibility towards out health.

But at the same time eating brings tremendous pleasure for most of us. The need to take delicious foods is as important a need as like any other thing in our life. How can you ignore such a strong desire for delicious, mouth watering but health damaging foods? Certainly this is difficult. So what comes as solution is restrictive healthy eating which is a compromise between ideal food habits and the most damaging ones.

In youth when you are full of vitality, you can say "I eat everything and nothing hurts me ". But time comes when you say "I can eat nothing, everything hurts me". So follow such rules in your food habits so that you can take your favorite food (even if it is a health damaging one) all along. If you like sweets, then show restraint in your youth so that you can take it all through your life.

So the grand secret of a vibrant health is to learn to live within limitations. Our body has got a wonderful capacity of adaptation and toleration. But there is a limit. When you go beyond the limit, body starts striking back. And if you still ignore, the body goes into pieces. This is what is restrictive healthy eating.

All the dreams of life can be enjoyed if you have the health along with you through healthy eating habits. Start immediately by implementing a healthy eating plan and quite simple but effective health building steps.

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