Popcorn machine kettle corn popper

Kettle Corn popper The consumption of food has sharply risen in the present times. Among all the types of food eaten popcorn is undoubtedly the most popular food item. It has gained prominence as it is manufactured from corn and as a result is easily digestible. Popcorn is eaten by people of all ages from children to the elderly. The best choice for kettle corn is popcorn which is Mushroom styled.

The kernels explode into round balls. The balls also hold up to stirring, sugaring and the usual procedures. A great basis for such mushroom popcorn is Weaver popcorn. Weaver popcorn has suppliers all over America. Another type of popcorn used by many vendors is popcorn of "Butterfly" style which can be bought in bags of 50lb capacity.

The usage of 100% pure corn is recommended as it has a great flavor and does not cost too much. The emission of smoke and risk of a flash oil fire are also minimized as it has a higher flash point when compared with other oils. Soybean oil and peanut oil are also used.

The requirements of sugar and salt are not exorbitant as the consumption of sugar and salt depends on a person's likes and dislikes. The setting up of the kettle corn popper should be wise. It is best if they are set up in places where there will be lots of people as people tend to go hungry and popcorn is not a food item they would mind. Setting up the kettle corn popper at places like fairs, festivals, school events, concerts smell money in the preparation.

Popcorn shows can also be arranged by contacting the state tourism. Other sources of information are the newspapers as the show coordinators post advertisements many months before the show searching for potential vendors. Another idea would be going to other shows and big events and enquiring the vendors present there about the best shows, etc.

Extract the maximum information from them as this information can prove to be very valuable. Online directories are also of great assistance in this field as they provide links which can be of great help. Starting with a small crowd should not be feared. One might not be able to reserve for the biggest shows in the first year, but should not lose one's cool. He should remember "Slow and steady wins the race." The crowds of medium sizes will also be profitable as a larger section of the public just notice the stand and walk right past it.

The thumb rule of popcorn vending is that each packet of popcorn should be sold at a rate of $1. This rate is most suitable as it covers the cost of the kernels and the oil pretty effectively. In case there is another popcorn vendor who has already booked for a show you should have an eye on suggesting your name as backup is a great idea. You might be contacted if the other vendor fails to appear on time to the fair or if the sponsors decide that there is enough room to accommodate another popcorn vendor. Popcorn vending is a great business which is fast emerging as a good source of investment. A person should know the pros and cons of the business and should also know how to be pleasing and also customer friendly.

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