How To Select The Right Salad Ingredients

When it comes to making the perfect salad, you first need to learn a little bit about the different types of foods, which can be used. Many salads today will be a combination of several different ingredients each providing their own unique texture and taste the final salad. In this article, we will take a look at various different salad ingredients that you can use and which will help you hopefully to make the perfect salad every time.

1. Leave Plants - Into this group comes lettuces and other green leaved vegetables. In a large number of cases people when making a salad will use an iceberg lettuce. But instead why not try something different. Go for a butterhead lettuce whose leaves are more tender than the iceberg or for something that has a much coarser leaves try a cos one instead. But which ever one you choose will provide you with a whole new dimension in the texture to your salad.

If however, you are completely fed up of using lettuce in your salads why not try something completely different instead. You could try something like Arugula, which originates from Italy and has a tangy, but mildly peppery taste. Alternatively, for something a little more exotic and to provide a more eastern feel to the salad include some Bok Choy, which has a slightly bitter taste to it. 2. Fruit & Vegetables - Do not restrict yourself to using the more conventional types of fruits and vegetables that people often include in their salads. Rather than going for tomatoes why not try something a little more unusual say add in sliced up apple or oranges.

Also for those who want to try a recipe that incorporates Bok Choy which we mentioned previously then slice some of it up place in a bowl and add to it some bean sprouts, sliced cucumber and green onions. Then to finally finish this salad off drizzle over a salad vinaigrette dressing made using soy sauce and sesame seed oil. As well as replacing your usual salad ingredients with more unusual and exotic ones such as brocolli, carrots, beans and Bok Choy you should also include a few herbs into the recipe as well. Adding the likes of rosemary, garlic, cilantro or basil will further enhance the flavors of the ingredients you are already using. 3.

Fish and Meat - Although a lot of people feel that a salad should purely consist of vegetables and fruit many people incorporate meat or fish to provide them with a complete meal. Some of the most famous salads people now eat such as Caesar's incorporate healthy amounts of lean meat or fish into them. But if you choose to use such foods in your salad do not use too much. However, you may want to include cheese rather than meat or fish into your salad. Plus a great way of adding some additional texture or crunch to the salad you are making is through adding croutons or nuts to it. If you choose to use nuts in your salad then go for the likes of walnuts, almonds or peanuts in it and preferably avoid those that have been ready prepared (such as pickled walnuts) or which are coated in salt.

When looking for the right salad ingredients for your salad it is vital that you go for the freshest ones possible. Avoid any kind of vegetable or fruit, which has markings on them or where the leaves have begun to wilt. Plus it is important before you place these ingredients together you thoroughly wash them although some come ready to use and in packaging they will have additives and chemicals on them which help to preserve them.

Here at provides information regarding salads and their nutritional values. If you would like to learn more about creating a great dressing for your salad ingredients click here.

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