Coffee Makers in Many Forms

Coffee makers are in use since the discovery of the coffee beans. The variations present in roasting, grinding and brewing makes the coffee to be enjoyed in different tastes. Depending upon those variations there are many forms of coffee makers to suit to everybody's taste. Percolator Percolators are the oldest types of coffee makers. Hot boiling water is passed on the coarse ground coffee a number of times and then the coffee is filtered separately for consumption.

The disadvantage of this type of coffee maker is that the boiling water over extracts the flavor from the ground coffee giving it a bitter taste. Drip coffee maker Most of the coffee makers today run on the drip principle. The ease of use and the efficiency with which these types of coffee makers work, it is the most liked.

A required amount of water is poured in the reservoir of the coffee maker. The heating element heats the water. Ground coffee is measured and put in the filter. The hot water drips on the ground coffee evenly extracting the rich flavor. The filtered coffee is collected below in the coffee cup.

Today the latest electronics technology is being applied for the control of heat, flow of hot water and the timing of the brewing. The coffee pods small pre packed bags of coffee with measured quantities, have replaced the measuring out procedure. French Press coffee maker French press coffee maker is also called plunger pot or press pot. The making of coffee is manual in this type. This coffee maker has a glass or porcelain cylinder and a meshed plunger made of steel.

Required ground coffee is measured into the cylinder and hot boiling water is poured into the cylinder and the plunger is placed on the top. The hot water is left for over 3 to 4 minutes to work on the coffee grains. Then plunger is pushed down, which filters the coffee particles down, leaving the coffee on the top of the plunger.

The coffee brewed in this type of maker has to be drunk immediately before the heat gets evaporated. Stove top coffee maker These types of coffee makers have two containers stacked on the top of each other. The bottom container holds the hot water and filter with ground coffee. It can be kept to boil on the stove or campfires. After the brewing is over, the finished coffee collects in the top container ready to be poured out into the cups.

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