Belgian Waffle Irons Waffles are the Ultimate Comfort Food

Waffles have been the comfort food in many a kitchen. A waffle is a flat batter cake cooked between two hot plates that are called a waffle iron. Belgian waffle irons provide deep pockets to catch the butter and syrup. There is nothing like a warm, buttery waffle swimming in syrup.The waffle irons of old sat on a gas fired or wood stove. You had to heat both sides of the plate before you added the batter.

It took practice and acquired skill to know when the iron was hot enough to pour your batter in. You also needed to know when to turn the iron as well as when to remove the waffle. Until non-stick surfaces, getting the waffles out of the waffle iron presented its own of set problems.

Waffle irons have come a long way since the days they were first used. Whether you prefer the regular pocket or the deeper Belgian waffle pocket you will have no shortage of choices of commercial waffle irons to choose from. There are many quality, affordable waffle irons on the market today.With the Chef's Choice Waffle Pro you can dial in how done you want your waffles whether you like them golden brown with a crisp exterior or a deep baked uniform texture this waffle iron can take care of it. Commercial waffle irons today also come with a non-stick surface making removal much easier than those first waffle irons.With Waffle Exotica you are no longer limited to a round or square waffle.

Waffle Exotica offers such fun shapes as hearts and your favorite cartoon characters. The Belgian Waffler and Multi-Baker, comes with a Belgian waffle iron and three other interchangeable plates a flat griddle and ribbed grill for vegetables, fish and meats.Whatever you're personal preference waffles smothered in warm butter and hot syrup is a great way to start any day.

.Tracye Gano is an accomplished freelance writer and designer for kitchens 4u.

By: Curtis Miller

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